Who are We and Why Are We Taking Action?

The misery of the dog and cat meat trade

We are Louise Trevatt, Carrie Frost, Julia Wilkinson and Viv Thompson. 

Collectively we are a group of women, all passionate about animals, and all equally sickened by the horrors of the dog and cat meat trade.

Some of us has been campaigning to end the DCMT for a long time and some of us are new to the cause. In 2017 we joined forces to bring dogs to the UK that had been rescued in South Korea. This was so successful for the dogs and their new owners, that in 2018 we decided to become a registered charity .

With your support, this will enable us to rescue even more dogs. 

We all need to find a way of living whilst knowing this barbaric 'trade’ exists and for us at PFC UK, we choose take action to provide safe and secure homes for as many dogs as we can.

Many of us cannot face the graphic horrific images and hold our breath whilst ‘festivals’ like Yulin and then Boknal take place. The torture, slaughter and consumption of dogs continues throughout the year in most Asian countries. 

This is why we are taking a stand. Every single image on this website is of a dog saved from the DCMT, saved from the horrors and torture of a certain slow death. 

It is constantly reported that there are between 2 and 2.5 million dogs currently in the dog meat trade in South Korea. There are between 14,000 and 17,000 dog meat farmers in South Korea. But a recent interview with Congressman Pyo in South Korea suggests that there are many more and the numbers could be somewhere in the region of 3 million dogs currently living in squalid, unsanitary, cramped wire cages.  The Photo on the left shows Moo, a dog now living in North Yorkshire. She was rescued with her four pups from these squalid conditions. 

Dogs like Moo can only survive if we help them. They need our help now! We are the voice for the voiceless!

Please join us and support our cause in whatever way you can and together we can make a difference.

Thank You 

Viv, Carrie, Julia & Louise x