Some Of Our Dogs Living in forever homes in the UK


Nelson with Ali Langford

Nelson lost an eye in South Korea and no-one cared. He was rescued along with Kizzy and now lives near London. Nelson loves his creature comforts he settled into him his family quickly and now has a lovely life. 


Ron relaxing in the UK

Ron was rescued but spent 18 months in a shelter waiting for someone to notice him. Louise volunteered at the shelter in June 2017 and he was one of the first dogs she worked with. He was a very frightened boy and hated being touched. Now, he loves it! His greatest happiness is going for long walks with his sister Dilly! 


Kizzy was rescued from an horrific situation in South Korea. Many dogs were crammed into cages stacked on top of each other in a dark and dank squalid building. When they were rescued, they were frantic! Now Kizzy lives in North Yorkshire and has a wonderful family life! 



Jane is the most gentle giant you are ever likely to meet. Her fate was to be tortured, then killed and eaten. Her body would have made 130 bowls of Bositang soup. 130 people would have consumed her in the medieval belief that her torture adds to the health giving properties of the soup. Jane was rescued and now lives her in the UK, safe and happy. 


Jack with Lavendar

Jack was suffering from PTSD after having spent too long in the shelter after having been rescued. He flinched at every sound. We brought him to the UK so that he could undergo quarantine here. We put a call out on facebook to ask for people who could go to see him on a daily basis and lots of amazing people stepped forward, when he came out of quarantine he was happy to have people around him. He's now loving life and living in his forever home! 

Rehabilitation of our dogs


Even the dogs that are saved have suffered. They will have seen their kennel mates and family tortured and killed.  They will have heard their screams,  tasted their blood and suffered the most unimaginable fear and trauma. But all is not lost. By building a team of loving and caring fosters, who are supported by dog trainers and behavioural therapists, we are able to change the lives of these dogs forever. They change and are able to live as part of the family , feeling loved, secure and safe. Being a dog, as nature intended.