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please take us home!


Can you see us?

 We are Charlie, Injung and Jacob (see our details below) the first of the 'lucky 10' preparing to travel to the UK,  can you spot us?

Please can you take us home?

brave survivors looking for a home


Charlie is a lost soul



Kai is a beautiful and gentle Jindo boy, who is currently in rehabilitation, and learning to live as part of a family.

We desperately need kind hearted, patient fosters, who are willing to open their hearts and homes to these wonderful dogs.


Charlie is a lost soul



Injung - Shiba x Mallinois

Injung is 2 years old. Her  life has been horrendous. She was born to be tortured and eaten. 

She is a beautiful Mallinois, Shiba cross. 

A magnificent Belgium breed whose ancestors have somehow found themselves being exploited. 

She is only 18 kg, so she's a small to medium size. 

She's still in South Korea and will arrive in the UK in the next month, during March 2020

She will need an understanding home. A home that can nurture her giving her all she needs to be happy and confident.

Charlie is a lost soul

Charlie is a lost soul

Charlie is a lost soul


Charlie a majestic Jindo cross is so lost in the world right now. 

Charlie is a jindo - all dogs from the dog meat trade are crossed, because the dog meat farmers are indiscriminate. They only care about breeding dogs that will survive for 8 - 12 months and will feed the insatiable appetite for a tortured dog like Charlie. 

Charlie will need a home that can understand his fears and will allow him the time and space to become a dog. My own dog Ron was like Charlie and  now he is happy and confident.  

We would want a quiet home for Charlie, A home without children because we don't believe he would cope with the unpredictable nature of young children. 

Ideally his new home would have another kind and welcoming dog. 

more dogs for adoption


Mari is in foster in the UK

Mari is in foster in the UK

Mari is in foster in the UK

Beautiful Mari, arrived in the UK in early January, having survived the dog meat trade in South Korea.  

She is a stunning white cross breed (Jindo) akin to an Akita or white German Shepherd. She is getting used to UK life now and we are looking for her forever home. 

She loves other dogs so can live happily with a friendly dog and would suit a quiet home without children. 

She has a lovely nature and is growing in confidence gently as she becomes used to UK life. 

Mari loves her foster mum and has grown quite used to the comforts of home. 

She is in Crawley and we would love to hear from you if you care about the dog meat trade survivors and have lots of time and patience to lavish on this deserving little girl.



Mari is in foster in the UK

Mari is in foster in the UK

Niko is a little Shiba Inu cross. He's a gorgeous foxy looking little dog and has been so brave being rescued from the dog meat trade and arriving in the UK in December 2019. 

He has been living with his foster family, learning what life is like and is now ready to take the next stage of his life with his forever family. 

He needs a home that is understanding of his needs to grow in confidence. He can be rehomed with a welcoming and friendly dog.



Mari is in foster in the UK


Jacob is still in Korea and will be arriving on our next flight which is likely to be within the next month. 

Jacob needs a loving home to allow him to grow in confidence. He is a jindo cross, possibly crossed with a shiba as he's a slight frame and is a small dog. What do you think he's crossed with?  We know that in the right home.  A home with lots of love and patience Jacob will grow in confidence and will give you much love. 

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