Waggy Tails Events



Nottingham Trinity Square. August 3rd 12-3pm.

Raising public awareness of the dog and cat meat trade in Asia. Leafletting and talking to the pubkic.

Come and meet dmt survivors...


Julie's dog walk

Please help by running an event!

A 'Waggy Tails' dog friendly event brings like-minded people together. We gather, we chat, we support each other, and we raise funds. 

Like dogs, our 'Waggy Tails' events come in all shapes and sizes including: 

  • Car boot sales
  • Coffee Mornings
  • Dog Walks

We would love you to host a 'Waggy Tails' event for the dogs of South Korea who are desperately needing to escape torture and death. 

Frank and Jane with buns

Be the change you want to see in the world!

Whether you gather a few friends or organise a larger event at your village hall! You CAN make a difference. 

For the price of a lovely coffee and slice of cake, we are well on our way to getting a dog to safety. 

For ideas and information about how to help, please download the information sheet at the bottom of this page. 


Host an event that makes you happy!

You will have great ideas of your own. 

Keep it simple, have fun and enjoy the company of a dog friendly, 'Waggy Tails' fund raising event. 

KNIT to save the dogs. You can download a patterns to knit dog coats. They are lovely and cosy and warm and are trending in fabulous colours. These can be sold for £5 each raising more funds to help save the dogs. 

Remember that the funds you raise will enable volunteers to travel to airports such as Paris to collect the dogs after their flight from South Korea. 

Thank you for caring and thank you for doing something that makes a big difference!